About Us

Altai Lin and Theo Cuppen set up the first seed production company in 1993 operating under the name Inova Gansu.

Mr Lin has a background in the seed production, going back to his father who was a grower/local manager producing seeds in Taiwan.

Mr Cuppen also has a lifelong experience in seeds, working in different positions, within seed companies globally.

Inova Gansu Comp Ltd is the first and largest of the production locations. In 2015 the name of Inova Gansu has been changed to Inova Jiuquan Comp Ltd. In the Gansu province China the possibilities within both vegetables and flowers are nearly endless.

Inova Dalat Comp Ltd was founded in 2008 together with Tony Chu who has been in greenhouse production in Taiwan and Vietnam for more than 40 years. Initially Inova Dalat was a company producing orchid before being transformed into a high value seed production site.

Jean Knibbe started to cooperate with Theo Cuppen to produce onion seeds in France in 1994. Oriental Seeds France SRL was eventually founded in 2012 and set up as a production location focusing on onion seed production and also some other field crops.